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Spine Concept

David Spine Concept is a comprehensive evaluation and treatment concept for back disorders. The concept uses carefully targeted movement and controlled loading to reverse the deconditioning syndrome related to back pain.

Individualized programs are planned based on a questionnaire, physical evaluations and tests. Specially designed devices provide a safe and effective way of improving mobility, strength and spinal coordination.

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Hip & Knee Concept

The David Hip and Knee Concept is designed to tackle various hip and knee based disorders using the most effective and biomechanically correct rehabilitation devices available and new internet based testing and motivation technology, which helps the health care providers to provide programs based on the latest treatment guidelines and cumulative knowledge within the world-wide user group of the concept.

Shoulder Concept

David G460, G640 and G660 form the first part of the David Shoulder Concept. Internal and external rotators of the shoulder joint together with scapular stabilizer can be performed extremely safely and efficiently. Joint angles have been determined with extensive literature review and research. Optimal joint angles together with supportive movement arm isolate the activation precisely to the desired muscles. Pure isolation is essential, since otherwise stonger internal rotators, like pectoralis major, will do the work. When rehabilitating sore shoulders, carefully designed resistance curve is absolutely crucial in order to perform the exercise in a controlled manner.